QCon 2012

I attended the QCon London 2012 earlier this year and learned a lot. The sessions liked the most included

  • Decisions Decisions by Dan North- Really funny talk about a very a simple yet power thought Trade-offs. Things we think about on a day to today basis. As we are making decisions we are often think of the trade-offs yet. Its a great reminder that thinking of trade-offs can make the decisions lot simpler and often suitable to your problem at hand.
  • Developers Have a Mental Disorder” by Greg Young- Great talk again how we developer once pick a new design pattern we start applying is everywhere. Reminded again of trade-offs and problem domain specific solutions. Was a great talk Greg talked as he had presented this talk time and time again.
  • Breaking the monolith” by Stefan Tilkov- Great talk on how to ensure we dont build monlithic systems. Key concepts he talk about inlcuded, micro and macro architecture, system boundries, how project descision can impact the architecture of the application
  • Anomaly Detection, Fault Tolerance and Anticipation Patterns by John Allspaw- Interesting talk on how to prepare for things to break and build your system with resiliance in mind. Reminded me of a system we built with self recovery in mind. This talk took the concept a level further.


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