About me

Gautam Pachnanda
Agile Delivery Leader
Delivery Team Leader at Trader Media Group

I am a Delivery Leader & a Proficient software engineer with over 15 years commercial experience and a track record of delivering quality solutions. Having been involved in all aspects of software development on various roles, I am now specialising in Technical leadership, Software Architecture, Object Oriented Design and Implementation. I am also a keen proponent of agile methodology and have been involved in various agile projects in my current role. I have successfully led teams of varying sizes and accomplished in all areas relating to the development, delivery, innovation, quality, user-centric and practical solutions.

I am a dedicated and enthusiastic with a wide range of experience in traditional and agile software delivery. I am currently leading a talent team of IT professional covering the breadth of Development, Quality Assurance & Business Analysis in Kanban/XP environment in new Growth area Razsor of Trader Media Group. Over the years I had opportunities and have build a solid understanding of business demands and the requirements expected to form a successful delivery team.

Educated to Masters degree level in Information Technology, I believe in continuous improvement and effective delivery. I enjoy being able to inspire, motivate and lead teams to deliver software that exceeds expectation of its users and sellers and love the environment and team I work with.

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